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Documentation - Known Issues

These are the known issues I have detected so far:

"Access is Denied" Error

If you are first trying to call the web service using QlikView Desktop (with WebView) you'll probably run into an "Access is denied" error. The reason for that is that WebView of QlikView Desktop is running under the domain http://qlikview and your web service is running under a different domain, so we are facing a cross domain policy issues.

I have added some step by step guide to resolve this issue:

Steps to resolve that in development environment (your local computer):
  • Open Internet Explorer and open "Internet Options"
  • Go to the tab "Security", select "Trusted Sites" and add "http://qlikview" to the list of trusted sites
  • Click on the button "Custom Level"
    • Search for the section "Miscellaneous" and "Access data sources across domains", select "Enable"



Steps to resolve that in production environment:
  • This should simply not occur, your web service and QlikView Accesspoint should run under the same domain.

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