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Documentation - Installation

To get the solution running you have to install two different components:
  1. The web service called "EDXWrapper" (-> Download)
  2. The QlikView extension called "CallEDXFromAjax" (-> Download)

"Installing" the Web Service

To install/configure the web service you need to have an IIS instance in place. Follow these steps to configure the web service properly:
  1. Create a virtual directory (pointing to the directory where you have unpacked the web service files)
  2. Configure the application pool of the the web server
  3. Test the availability, e.g. by calling http://localhost/EDXWrapper/QlikViewTasks.asmx you should get the following screen:

Installation of the Extension

Installation of the QlikView extension easy and straightforward, there is nothing special to take care of:
  1. Download the extension
  2. Install the extension on your local computer (doubleclick on the .qar file)
  3. Drag'n'Drop the extension within QlikView Desktop (using WebView)
  4. Finally deploy the extension to your server (-> detailed instruction)

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